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Real Estate Fraud Check

Up to 18 customizable real estate fraud checks can save you time by quickly checking for potential suspicious activity and flagging applications that warrant further investigation

Lender specific, customized, risk scoring technology helps you lower the risk of real estate fraud by identifying unusual title activity and inconsistent property values.

  • Quickly check for potential suspicious activity and flag applications early in the underwriting process for further investigation by utilizing configurable real estate fraud check models
  • Receive a summary for each applied Fraud Check

Mitigate risk and identify deals that require more scrutiny with holistic property views and automated real estate fraud checks

Purview® Fraud Check asks the following questions to identify real estate fraud:

  • Was the last transaction a cash sale?
    • This tests for existing mortgages past and present since the last sale
  • Is this a high or low risk relative to market?
    • This tests for price consistency over time in coincident area
  • Is this value real estate fraud?
    • This tests for recent sale and/or multiple sale activity on the subject property
  • Is the property profile suspect?
    • This covers a variety of tests including previous power of sale on title or currently owned by corporation
  • Can this deal be funded?
    • This tests for existence of liens, cautions etc.
  • Is it a non-arm's-length transaction?
    • This tests for applicant's last name against the current and past ownership file
  • Could this be title fraud?
    • This tests for recent discharge of mortgages following a recent transfer where mortgagor is the same